Now in private beta: Create a 1Password account using a passkey

Now in private beta: Create a 1Password account using a passkey

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1Password’s summer of passkey announcements continues!

Earlier this year, we said “goodbye passwords” and shared that we’re going all-in on passkeys: a simpler and more secure alternative to passwords.

Since then, we’ve been hard at work bringing passkey support to 1Password. You can already create and use passkeys to sign in to online accounts with the public beta versions of 1Password in the browser. Plus, you can also use the 1Password desktop and mobile apps to view, organize, share, and delete passkeys saved via the browser.

But you might remember we promised something else too: the ability to unlock a 1Password account with a passkey, rather than a password.

Today, we’re delighted to share that we’re launching a private beta that allows a small group of testers to create and unlock a 1Password account with a passkey. This is an important step as we move toward our goal of releasing this capability for everyone later in the year.

Using a passkey to unlock 1Password

Protecting 1Password with a passkey keeps your data secure while eliminating the need to create and memorize a password.

When you want to unlock 1Password, you simply use the biometric solution built into your device. Once you’ve created a passkey, you can use that same piece of hardware to unlock your 1Password account on other trusted devices.

In short, unlocking 1Password with a passkey offers the best of both worlds: best-in-class security paired with maximum convenience.

Our private beta

Here’s a quick summary of what’s included in our private beta:

Create a new 1Password test account with a passkey using an iPhone or iPad. This test account is a temporary way to try an experimental feature. It’s free to set up and doesn’t replace a testers' existing 1Password account.

To get started, we’re asking our small group of beta testers to create a new 1Password account using a beta version of 1Password for iOS.

Unlock 1Password with a passkey on iOS, macOS, and the web. Once testers have created their new test account with a passkey, they can use that same passkey to unlock 1Password on all of their other devices.

What’s coming next

Our private beta is just the beginning. We’ll be releasing updates regularly as we work toward a public beta and, ultimately, a version that’s ready for all of our customers.

Our current roadmap includes:

  • The ability to create a new 1Password account with a passkey on other platforms – not just iOS and iPadOS.

  • The ability to unlock 1Password with a passkey on Android, Windows, and Linux.

  • The option to update your existing 1Password account so it can be unlocked with a passkey.

  • The ability to secure a 1Password account with both a passkey in addition to a traditional account password and Secret Key.

  • The option to secure a 1Password account with multiple passkeys tied to different devices.

  • Recovery codes that allow you to unlock 1Password in the event that you lose your passkey and other trusted devices.

The future is passkeys

We would like to thank everyone who is taking part in the private beta and sharing feedback.

We can’t wait to share when everyone can join in and start securing their 1Password account with a passkey.

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