Secure your family with 1Password and provide food security to communities

Secure your family with 1Password and provide food security to communities

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Here in Ontario, the leaves have begun changing colors and Thanksgiving has arrived. It’s a welcome reminder to appreciate what we have, from the simplicity of a warm meal to the joy of sharing that meal with loved ones.

It’s a great opportunity for us to give thanks and give back to our communities. Since Thanksgiving comes early for Canadians, we’re kicking off our season of giving thanks now!

Help your community this Thanksgiving 💙

From now until November 25th, when someone becomes a new 1Password Families customer, 1Password will be donating to three different charities. These groups work within our communities to help provide food security and build stronger networks for all.

Food Banks Canada helps those across Canada living with food insecurity by relieving hunger today and preventing hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network.

Second Harvest is creating an efficient food recovery network, reducing the environmental impact of food waste while ensuring that everyone ​​– regardless of their economic situation – is able to feed themselves and their family.

United Way Centraide works across Canada to make change locally, creating opportunities for everyone in our communities to live a better life by reducing poverty, supporting children and youth, and building vibrant neighborhoods.

If you’ve ever considered if a 1Password Families account is right for you, you can learn more about it, and if you do create an account, we’ll donate $2 to charity. We believe that the 1Password community is an amazing place to be, and we encourage everyone to take steps to help those around them, no matter how small.

Wishing you a happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Sara

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We’re donating $2 for every new 1Password Families customer from now until November 25th.
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