Keeping passports and important documents safe in 1Password

Keeping passports and important documents safe in 1Password

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When you save an important document in 1Password it becomes available on all of your other devices. Copies of your documents are with you at all times β€” on your phone, your tablet, or your computer. Everyone gets 1GB of data to use, and you can add documents to shared vaults just like you can with anything else in 1Password.


Linking items in 1Password

If you’re super organized, you can link documents to other associated items within 1Password, creating a paper trail that, alongside the use of tags, will have your 1Password items more organized than ever.

What to keep in 1Password

There are so many different ways to use 1Password, and keeping documents safe is a great way to branch out beyond passwords. You can save any file you want, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Driver’s license β€” Scan your driver’s license and save it as a document in 1Password. For bonus points, link it to your car and insurance documents so everything is easily found if you need it.
  • Passport β€” You probably need your physical passport to get through an airport, but having a scan of it with you at all times can be great peace of mind.
  • A will β€” Nobody likes to think about these things, but having a copy of your will saved in 1Password is a good way of keeping it safe. You can even share it with your family in a shared vault.
  • Car registration documents β€” Owning a car generates lots of paperwork. Keep it all safe and available in 1Password, and link it to your other car-related documents, too.
  • Insurance documents β€” These documents are things we hope to never need, but if we do, we need them quickly and easily. Keep all kinds of insurance documents handy in 1Password. They could be health insurance, car insurance, or travel insurance.
  • Receipts and invoices β€” Made a big purchase? Keep your receipt or invoice somewhere that you trust, and you’ll be able to call it up when needed. If it’s a digital invoice, great. If it’s paper, scan it and save it.
  • A medical card β€” Information on a health condition or medication can be vital, and having it with you at all times can be equally important. Scan your card and save it in 1Password and it will always be available.

These are just some ideas, but it’s not an exhaustive list. There’s no wrong way to use documents with 1Password, so try it out and see what works for you. Want to keep the manual for your new TV? Feel free, it’s your 1Password.

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