Introducing the 1Password SCIM bridge

Introducing the 1Password SCIM bridge

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I’m thrilled to announce the first major release of the 1Password SCIM bridge! The SCIM bridge is the best way to automate provisioning of your team in 1Password Business.

We’ve spent the past year making it easier to roll out 1Password to your company. The 1Password SCIM bridge is available today, and it’s compatible with the most popular enterprise identity providers: Azure Active Directory and Okta. It’s available for one-click deployment on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace, or it can be installed more traditionally using Docker, Kubernetes, or Terraform.

The SCIM bridge makes it easy to manage your team because it brings 1Password into the workflows you already know and love. It allows you to control your 1Password account from your existing systems, so you can use the enterprise identity provider that your team is already familiar with. Your administrators can remain hands-off and manage your team from one central place to invite employees, grant them access to the correct groups, and deprovision them when they leave. Watch this video to see how the SCIM bridge syncs Okta with 1Password.

“At Okta, we securely connect our customers to the technologies they need for their businesses. We’re excited to partner with 1Password to do just that for our joint customers. With the 1Password SCIM bridge, 1Password customers leverage Okta’s full provisioning capabilities and can automate many common administrative tasks, enabling them to increase efficiency throughout their organizations.” — Chuck Fontana, VP, Okta Integrations & Strategic Partnerships

To make sure everyone in your company can always access what they need, the SCIM bridge automatically syncs your identity provider’s groups with the groups in your 1Password account. Create custom groups in 1Password that you can manage directly from your identity provider to grant access to vaults.

The SCIM bridge is designed with a robust and security-focused architecture. It runs within your cloud provider or existing infrastructure and connects to your identity provider using the industry-standard SCIM protocol. Because the SCIM bridge runs within a system under your control, your account’s encryption keys also stay under your control – right where they belong.

If you use 1Password Business at your company, take advantage of the power that the SCIM bridge has to offer, including automatic confirmation of new users. For more information, contact the 1Password Business team. Or get started on your own.

Technical Lead, Provisioning

Connor Hicks - Technical Lead, Provisioning Connor Hicks - Technical Lead, Provisioning

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