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Last month, we launched Random but Memorable, a bi-monthly security advice podcast. Random but Memorable is named after your Master Password, but is also very appropriate for the show. The “memorable” part mainly comes from my co-host Michael Fey (Roo) not reading the show notes until we start recording, and the “random” part is a direct result of this.

In our first episode, Correct Battery Horse Pilot we talk about our iOS 12 and Mojave beta releases, and discuss the security news of the week. We experimented with a few ending segments of lighthearted banter but settled on trying to pronounce odd-looking place names, starting with the British city of Loughbrough.

The second instalment is called Machine Factor Toaster Data and introduces our first guest, Mitchell Cohen, who works on 1Password X. We discuss what 1Password X is and how it uses machine learning in a privacy-conscious way.

The third episode, Nickelback Apologist Math Bounty is my favourite so far. In it, we answer some questions from users about the password generator, and then talk to Jeffrey Goldberg our Chief Defender Against the Dark Arts about how the security behind 1Password works.

The fourth episode, Localised Banana-Pants Hack Guide is out today with guest Glenn Fleishman, writer of Practical Guides, and includes us ruining the best placement of all time.

A new episode launches every two weeks to discuss what’s new in 1Password and the wider world of security.

If you’d like us to answer your question on the show, tweet us @1Password using the hashtag #ask1Password.

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Matt Davey - COO (Chief Operations Optimist) Matt Davey - COO (Chief Operations Optimist)

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