Best bits: highlights from 50 episodes of Random but Memorable

Best bits: highlights from 50 episodes of Random but Memorable

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How do we like our passwords? Just like our podcast: Random but Memorable. We recently hit a huge milestone, recording our 50th episode! That means our fans and listeners have tuned in for 1604 minutes worth of security advice and banter from 1Password and guests. That’s like watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy three times on repeat!

Along the way, we’ve been fortunate enough to interview some of the leading voices in the security space. We’ve climbed up a mountain of data breaches with Troy Hunt, navigated the wild west of surveillance with Ann Cavoukian, and dived into the pool of private browsing with Daniel Davis from DuckDuckGo. We’ve also dished out a healthy dose of 1Password tips and tricks to keep your hunger for security satiated along the way.

I’m in the mood to celebrate, so whether you’ve never tuned in before or you just want to relive the highlights, here are my favourite Random but Memorable memories.

Password Cracking Hacking Spree with Mike Pound

I love this episode. You can clearly hear the excitement in Matt’s voice as he meets one of his security heroes, Mike Pound. Mike is widely known for his appearances on the YouTube series Computerphile, and in this episode he helps us to understand how we can simplify security concepts like encryption, password cracking, and much more.

This was also the final episode of Season Four, which brought an end to our closing segment Real or Not Real. The segment went out with a bang though, as Matt and Roo try to (hilariously) decide if the entire internet really does weigh the same as one large strawberry. 🍓

Listen to Password Cracking Hacking Spree with Mike Pound ›

Virtual Kindness Pillow Gif with Eva Galperin from EFF

In this episode, we tried to spread love and kindness with our Random Act of Kindness giveaway. We gave listeners the chance to nominate someone to receive three years of 1Password for free. I love that the podcast lets us give back to our listeners and users, either by hooking them up with some 1Password swag or giving the gift of 1Password itself. 🎁

I also had the pleasure of speaking with Eva Galperin, Director of Cybersecurity at EFF and Technical Advisor for the Freedom of the Press Foundation. We discussed everything from stalkerware to how we can protect free speech in 2020.

Tune in to Virtual Kindness Pillow Gif with Eva Galperin ›

Remote Location Smart Toys with Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners

How many smart devices do you own? And how many of them do you actually need? In this episode Roo sat down with Ken Munro from Pen Test Partners to discuss how safe these IoT devices really are. I love using the podcast as a platform to give our security-conscious listeners some new and helpful tips, particularly in this episode where Ken gives some really practical advice on how to secure your smart devices.

Join Ken and Roo as they lift the lid on a whole host of potential vulnerabilities, from the hilarious to the downright terrifying.

Listen to Remote Location Smart Toys with Ken Munro ›

Zero Credit Coffee Oops

In season three of the show we launched Hacks Revisited - a segment where we looked back at some of the most scandalous and infamous data breaches of all time. In this particular episode we dissected the Equifax data breach of 2017, which affected over 50% of the U.S. population. Using archive news stories and media, we were able to study the reaction at the time, reflect on what went wrong, and uncover some sensational findings from the many reports since. Essential listening right here. 🎙

Give Zero Credit Coffee Oops a listen ›

Special Fiftieth Live Show

Of course I couldn’t let this list go unfinished without a mention of our special 50th episode of Random But Memorable! Chaos ensued as we attempted our first episode “in front of a live studio audience”. 🎉 We also introduced our latest closing segment: Play Your Passwords Right. Inspired by a popular game show, this brand new closing segment has quickly become a fan favourite.

Celebrate with our Special Fiftieth ‘Live’ Show ›

And there we have it! It’s been a pleasure to work on such a fun and informative show over the past two years and I can’t believe we’ve reached 50 episodes already. I want to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you to our listeners, because we would not be here without you tuning in each week. If you’ve loved the show so far, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, because it really helps the podcast reach more people.

And for those who haven’t subscribed yet, hopefully these episodes will be a great introduction to your new favourite podcast. Here’s to the next 50!

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