12 productivity hacks from the 1Password team

“Hey, did you read about (blank)?” Keeping up with the barrage of news is just one of our many daily distractions from work. Toss in our personal obligations and other stressors – all fighting for space in our minds – and making a dent in the to-do list is often harder than we expect.

For many, a healthy work-life balance is increasingly difficult to maintain (or find in the first place). Your life is far more than your work, but work still has to get done. So figuring out how to stay productive is crucial for both you and your team’s success. Just a few tiny habits or perspective shifts can make a world of difference and help keep you on task without feeling overwhelmed.

If you need some inspiration, our team is excited to share a bit about what works for us! Experiment with some of these tips for yourself and find out what works for you.

Mental health is top priority (always)

Thankfully, mental health is becoming less of a taboo topic at work – a shift that is well overdue. Along with more candid conversations on the subject is the growing agreement that productivity should never (ever) take precedence over your wellbeing and mental health.

Regardless of your workload or fast-approaching deadlines, it’s essential to stay honest with yourself and your employer about how you’re feeling. Self-care is crucial, especially with the ever-shifting circumstances around work (remote work, Zoom fatigue, etc.).

If you’re not finding this balance possible right now, bring it up with your employer in a respectful way as soon as possible. See if you can find a compromise that works for everyone, such as adjusting your responsibilities or work hours. In some cases, time off or a job change might be the ideal path.

Productivity tips from the 1Password team

With that in mind, here are some friendly pieces of advice from the 1Password team that enable them to do their best work while also feeling their best.

1. Use a checklist

“Put stuff in a checklist for that sweet, sweet dopamine hit when you get to mark it as done.” - Emily, Content

2. Switch up your surroundings

“I’ve always found that a change of space is a change of mind. When dealing with a hard problem or one that I’ve been dreading to carry out, temporarily working from the kitchen or outdoors does wonders to ‘unlock’ my productivity.” - Graham, Provisioning

3. Optimize your workspace and posture

“Take some time to dial in the ergonomics of your workstation. Is your chair too high? Should your monitor be farther away? Do you need a foot or wrist rest? Fixing these issues won’t just improve your health – they’ll make you a more comfortable and productive worker in the long run.” - Nick, Content

4. Reflect and reassess your priorities

“Sometimes it’s important to simply step back and reflect – you see things differently, and sometimes something that feels urgent is not urgent and resolves itself.” - Katya, People

5. Lean on your calendar

“I use my calendar for absolutely everything (at work and at home). If it isn’t in my calendar, it doesn’t exist. Having a collective view of how I spend my time helps me prioritize the things that matter most. It also helps me set boundaries and be aware of when I’m stretching myself too thin.” - Julian, Finance

6. Play DJ

“Find a song or playlist that really pumps you up. I did it once with ‘I Am Yours’ by Andy Grammer and I was so zoned into my work that it was the most productive I’ve ever been. I hit goals for myself that I have yet to beat again. Also, don’t forget to set an alarm that reminds you to take a break!” - Amy, Customer Support

7. Space out your workday

“I’m a huge fan of the Pomodoro method. Sometimes I look up “Pomodoro timer” on YouTube and find a preset timer with lo-fi music in the background to help while I’m doing deep work like documentation.” - Nicole, Marketing

8. Turn off the noise

“Turn off notifications (email, Slack, etc.), put your phone in a different room, and have it muted so you don’t go check it when you hear it buzz. It also helps to notify coworkers that you’re going to be unreachable for a few hours while you’re working on something so they don’t have the urge to bother you and can get any urgent needs out of the way. Also, quality noise-canceling headphones are worth it.” - Stacey, Content

9. Measure your tasks

“I love using a flexible app like Notion as my task manager. I can keep meeting notes and tasks in the same database, and add hyperlinks and tasks to other meetings. One of my favorite tips is creating an ‘energy column’ for each task or meeting, so I can indicate before or after how much effort an action should take/took. Was it 🔋, 🔋🔋, or even a full 🔋🔋🔋🔋? Then I can start planning my week around them.” - Josh, HR.

10. Sort your conversations

“Organize your Slack! I have all of my channels and conversations categorized depending on the area. It helps to visualize my requests and see what’s urgent versus what can be checked later. For example, I usually only check my Topics section a few times a day, since it’s less important than some of my team-related channels.” - Nicole, Marketing

11. Spell out your goals

“I set daily and weekly goals at the start of each week. This helps me to protect my time and stay focused without feeling like I’m juggling too much and not getting to what’s more important.” - Julian, Finance

12. Hit pause

“When I feel my attention or mood slipping, I don’t wait for it to get worse. Unless I’m on an extremely sensitive deadline, no task is worth getting frustrated or bummed about. I walk my dog, call a friend, eat some dark chocolate, and come back when I’m in a better place. I’m happy to work an extra few minutes later in the day if necessary, and even tight deadlines can be negotiable sometimes if you’re honest with your boss, team, or customers. Your health is non-negotiable.” - Andrew, Content

How 1Password can play a role

There are countless ways to find your productivity rhythm. Just like your home desk setup, it’s a personal journey that may call for creativity – and celebration when things go right!

If you’re looking for a specific tool to boost your productivity, try a password manager like 1Password. It can streamline your daily routines and reduce the stress of losing and resetting passwords all the time. It’ll also make you a more active contributor to your company’s security.

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It can be tricky to balance security, productivity, and your mental health – especially in today’s world, where online threats are constantly evolving. Keep an open mind and try some different approaches – with a collaborative, empathetic spirit – and you’ll find a way to keep all these priorities in check, wherever your career takes you.

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Andrew Zangre - Content Marketing Manager Andrew Zangre - Content Marketing Manager

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