Passkeys & 1Password: The future of passwordless

Passkeys & 1Password: The future of passwordless

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You may have seen mention of a “passwordless future” – the concept of simpler authentication and no passwords. That future is rapidly approaching, and we’re excited to share a glimpse of it with you today.

Recently, we’ve shown you 1Password’s vision of the future, a future that goes beyond passwordless to provide a simple sign-in flow no matter what kind of credential you use.

We’ve been members of the FIDO Alliance for some time now, but we were recently invited to sit on the board, where we’ll be able to work more closely with our fellow tech leaders to build out a universal password-free sign-in experience. The wider introduction of passkeys is an important step on this path, but what happens next is crucial.

As a group, we have to deliver on the promise of making this future accessible to everyone, everywhere, and we see our appointment to the FIDO Alliance board as an important opportunity to strengthen our commitment to the cause.

Explore passkeys in 1Password

Get a glimpse of passwordless in 1Password. Sign in with a passkey – across any device.
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Experiencing the future today

It may take time for your favorite websites and services to implement support for passkeys, but we want you to get a glimpse now. We’ll be rolling this functionality out to every 1Password customer in early 2023, but in the meantime we’re thrilled to unveil a live, interactive demo and walkthrough of passkeys in 1Password!

To help showcase how passkeys can transform your sign-in experience, the demo site also includes an explainer video with everything you need to know. We walk you through what passkeys are, why it’s so important passwordless technology remains open and interoperable, and exactly what using passkeys in 1Password will look like.

Where we’re going, we don’t need passwords

1Password and other industry leaders have pledged to come together through the FIDO Alliance to build the passwordless sign-in experience you deserve. We’re committed to building a world where passwordless authentication works across any platform and device, anywhere in the world. It’s an exciting new frontier, but passwordless only works when everyone works together.

Together, the FIDO Alliance can give everyone what they want and deserve: security and convenience that doesn’t come at the expense of choice.

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