Mozilla has selected 1Password X as a Recommended Extension for Firefox

Mozilla has selected 1Password X as a Recommended Extension for Firefox

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Mozilla’s Recommended Extensions program rigorously vets Firefox extensions for quality and security. Out of thousands of extensions, fewer than 100 have been chosen, so we’re incredibly proud that 1Password X meets their high standards.

Third-party developers build extensions to add features and customize how your browser works. There are extensions for everything from ad blockers to coupon codes, translation to social sharing, and more. 1Password X brings the full functionality of 1Password into your browser, making it easy for you to sign in to sites, use suggested passwords, and find what you need in your account.

However, not all extensions are created equal. Downloading the wrong extension can pose a serious threat to your privacy and security. App add-ons and extensions require you to grant permission to read and even change your data on the websites that you visit, which gives them quite a bit of power.

With that level of access, a malicious extension that’s been granted access to your full browser could steal your data, track your movements, or capture and store your passwords – all without you even noticing.

In an effort to help discover and defend against rogue extensions, Mozilla launched their new Recommended Extensions initiative. The program was created to “foster a curated list of extensions that meet [their] highest standards of security, utility, and user experience”. Firefox users can feel good about installing these extensions because they know their information will be safe.

All Mozilla Recommend Extensions, including 1Password X, go through a standard, rigorous review process on AMO. When they invited us to join the program, we were asked to undergo an additional review by Mozilla’s editorial staff. This review was primarily concerned with the following:

  • Is the extension really good at what it does?
  • Does the extension offer an exceptional user experience?
  • Is the extension relevant to a general audience?
  • Is the extension safe?

We’re committed to keeping the quality of the 1Password X experience high, and pride ourselves on the level of security we offer. All the information you store in 1Password, no matter what app, extension, or browser you use, is encrypted and can only be accessed from a device you’ve already approved. Your data is yours, and only you have the keys to unlock it.

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