Log in with ease on Apple TV

Log in with ease on Apple TV

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I’ve been using my time stuck at home to catch up on the movies and TV shows in my digital queues. While my Apple TV makes it easy to access the right streaming app to watch Grey’s Anatomy or Avengers: Endgame, having to individually enter the passwords for each app can be frustrating.


Whether it’s fighting with the onscreen keyboard to painstakingly move between characters, or trying to speak clearly enough for Siri to understand, it’s challenging to enter a suitably complex password correctly on first try. But with 1Password set up on my iOS device, I can take advantage of the AutoFill feature to access my stored credentials from my phone or iPad with just a tap.

How to use 1Password to log in to Apple TV

AutoFill makes it easy to enter passwords on iOS without having to type out a full username and password. This makes it easier for me to use more complex generated passwords in places where I may not have before, keeping me more secure across all of my accounts.

When I navigate to the username/password field for the app I want to use, my Apple TV automatically detects the login screen. A simple notification appears at the top of the screen, prompting me to use AutoFill on my iOS device to enter text or fill in a password.

Tapping on that notification opens up the iOS keyboard, where the 1Password account option is located in the QuickType bar just above the keyboard. If I have more than one login for a single app, I can easily tap the key icon on the right to scroll through and choose the right one.

After I’ve selected the right login credentials and authenticated using Touch ID, Face ID, or my Master Password, they’re sent right over to my Apple TV.

This simple process has saved me a headache while logging in to the right accounts for my streaming apps, getting me back to the drama, intrigue, and fictional mayhem that much faster.

How safe is it?

AutoFill keeps my credentials as safe as possible and never displays my username or password in plain text on my iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Even if I’m signing in to an app in a room full of people ready for movie night, my passwords are still secret and kept safely locked in my 1Password vault.

And if I want to add an extra level of security, AutoFill also works with two-factor authentication codes. The code can be entered using the same processes used for other credentials stored in your 1Password vault.

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