Together we’ve raised more than $75,000 for Let’s Encrypt

Together we’ve raised more than $75,000 for Let’s Encrypt

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A month ago, we asked for your help in supporting Let’s Encrypt, the world’s largest certificate authority.

And boy, did you deliver.

In just 17 days, you raised more than $28,000. The total came from more than 600 donors based in 28 different countries. We’re going to match everyone’s donations, as promised, and throw in an extra $22,000, bringing the campaign’s grand total to $78,141.

That makes it the most successful fundraising campaign in Let’s Encrypt’s history.

From everyone at 1Password and Let’s Encrypt: thank you. None of this would have been possible without your incredible support and generosity.

How your donations will make a difference

Let’s Encrypt relies entirely on charitable donations to operate. Your support ensures the team can continue to support website owners around the world by removing the cost and complexity associated with HTTPS encryption.

When you visit a website like, you’ll see a padlock icon in the address bar, which represents HTTPS — Hypertext Transfer Protocol, with an extra S for Secure.

It’s a robust form of encryption that relies on something called an SSL/TLS certificate. In the vast majority of cases, these need to be signed by a trustworthy certificate authority like Let’s Encrypt.

The money you’ve raised will allow Let’s Encrypt, which is part of the nonprofit Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), to continue offering SSL/TLS certificates that are free and convenient for website owners to obtain, configure and renew.

Building a more secure web

Roughly 85 percent of websites now support HTTPS, thanks in part to Let’s Encrypt. The team issued its first certificate in 2015 and has grown into the largest certificate authority in the world, servicing 260 million website domains and tens of billions of HTTPS page loads every day.

But the team isn’t stopping there.

Thanks to your support, Let’s Encrypt can push ahead with its mission to make HTTPS truly ubiquitous. Together, we can close the gap and ensure every website is using an SSL/TLS certificate signed by a trustworthy authority.

If you missed the fundraising campaign but would like to get involved, no problem — you can make a donation at any time on the Let’s Encrypt website. Every dollar will go a long way to making the web a more secure and privacy-respecting place for everyone.

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