Reasons to make the leap from iCloud Keychain to 1Password

Reasons to make the leap from iCloud Keychain to 1Password

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Apple’s iCloud Keychain is a password manager built right into the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. And, thanks to a Chrome extension, it now works with Windows PCs, too. We support any tool that helps you keep your passwords safe from would-be hackers, including iCloud Keychain. But if you want to get serious about protecting your personal information, there are a few reasons why you should choose 1Password instead.


iCloud Keychain vs 1Password

  • 1Password is available on every major platform. That includes Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, and Chrome OS. Sure, iCloud Keychain works with Chrome on Windows. But what about Firefox? With 1Password, you get a robust Windows app and a password manager that works in any browser. You can even sign in and access your information at If you own a variety of devices – maybe you have a personal Android phone and a work MacBook – you always have access to your passwords whenever you need them.

  • It works with your Apple Watch. Sometimes you want to leave your phone tucked away in a bag or pocket. With the Apple Watch, you can look up sensitive information, like a Wi-Fi password or credit card number, right from your wrist. The wearable can also unlock 1Password for Mac — no need to type in your Master Password or reach for the Touch ID button on your MacBook.

  • 1Password is always convenient. Plowing through a to-do list that involves multiple websites? We don’t want to get in your way. With 1Password in the browser, you can generate and autofill passwords without opening the desktop app. It has a built-in search bar, too, as well as the option to edit and create new items. That means you can be productive without sacrificing any strong security habits.

  • One-time passwords when you need them. Many services offer a second layer of protection called two-factor authentication (2FA). These special codes can be picked up via text message, which isn’t very secure, or a dedicated app like Authy and Google Authenticator, which aren’t always convenient. Enter 1Password. Our service can scan the QR codes that are required to set up 2FA. We’ll then act as your chosen authenticator app and autofill one-time passwords whenever you need them.

  • Keeping your financial information secure. Like iCloud Keychain, you can keep your debit and credit card information stored in 1Password. But thanks to a partnership with Privacy, we’re also able to offer virtual payment cards in the U.S. So if a service you use was ever breached – and heaven forbid, exposed card details – no one would have access to your hard-earned money.

  • 1Password is for all the family. Sometimes you need to share a password. You might have replaced the router in your living room, or signed up for a streaming service like Disney+. Sure, you could text everyone the new password. But what happens when a family member buys a new phone tablet or PC? The inevitable question: “What’s the Wi-Fi password again?” You can avoid all of this with a shared vault in 1Password. Keep everything your family needs in one place – with credentials that are always up to date – while maintaining privacy with your own personal vault. Bliss.

  • More than just passwords. Unlike iCloud Keychain, 1Password isn’t limited to passwords, credit cards, and digital sticky notes. Our service gives you dedicated options for storing your passport information, Social Security number, reward schemes, and more. You can then find these in a flash using the Categories section inside 1Password.

iCloud Keychain vs 1Password Business

1Password is the right choice for businesses of any size. Here’s why:

  • 1Password is built with teams in mind. 1Password’s shared vaults aren’t just for families. With 1Password Teams and 1Password Business, you can share passwords, credit cards, and important documents with all of your colleagues. No more insecure and out-of-date spreadsheets. Employees can be invited via email or Slack, and if you need to work with someone outside your company – a client or contractor, perhaps – you can give them a guest account. To top it all off, there are administrator tools to ensure that sensitive information is kept on a need-to-know basis.

  • Protection that extends to the home. Every employee using 1Password Business also gets a free 1Password Families membership. That means you get two separate accounts, each with their own set of vaults, to keep you safe online, both inside and outside of work. It’s a great way to ensure that everyone in the office is familiar with 1Password and using features that will make your life easier, such as shared vaults. 1Password Families also means that everyone you love can create an account and start strengthening their own passwords.

  • Watchtower has your back. Watchtower lets you know if you’ve reused any passwords and when any of your credentials have appeared in known data breaches. Apple’s iCloud Keychain offers something similar called Security Recommendations. 1Password goes a step further, however, with domain breach reports for 1Password Teams and 1Password Business. These let you know if anyone with a company email address has been affected by a known breach.

Switch to 1Password

There’s nothing wrong with iCloud Keychain. It’s just a little basic. If you feel like you’ve outgrown the service, you’re not alone. 1Password is for people who want to store more than passwords, credit cards, and sticky notes. It’s also for people who want an easy and secure way to share login information with their family or team. If you’re one of those people, consider making the switch to a 1Password membership. You won’t regret it.

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