Reasons to make the leap from iCloud Keychain to 1Password

Reasons to make the leap from iCloud Keychain to 1Password

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Apple offers iCloud Keychain as a feature built right into iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and it’s many people’s first introduction to password management. We’re fans of anything that helps keep people’s passwords safe, but where iCloud Keychain starts, 1Password takes up the baton and runs with it.

1Password has advanced features that help you to:

  • Keep tabs on insecure passwords with Watchtower
    Keep tabs on insecure passwords with Watchtower. Watchtower helps you guard against the dangers of reused passwords by highlighting any that appear more than once. Plus, it lets you know if any of your passwords have appeared online as part of a data breach, so you can quickly change them to something secure.

  • Enjoy strong integration with apps. 1Password works with any app, browser, and website. If you want to use an alternative browser for work, that’s not a problem — your passwords are waiting for you.

  • Get access to one-time passwords when you want them. Because 1Password handles all of your password-related needs, you don’t need to wait for an SMS or switch apps for multi-factor authentication requests.

  • Access your data when you need it. With 1Password mini, everything is ready and waiting for you, just a keyboard shortcut away. You can search, edit, and fill items without opening 1Password first.

Keeping your data safe is vital, but you should also have easy access to it when you need it. That belief informs many of the features 1Password offers, including a few that you may not know about.

  • 1Password is available everywhere. You’re probably familiar with the 1Password Mac, iPhone, and Windows apps. But did you know 1Password has a great iPad app as well? That’s not all; fans of the CLI, or Command Line Interface, can enjoy everything that 1Password has to offer, too. You can even manage your passwords from in any web browser.
1Password is available everywhere
  • For more than just passwords. Whether it’s the code for your lockbox or scans of your insurance documents, everything can be saved in 1Password and retrieved at a moment’s notice. The same goes for your credit cards: save them in 1Password, and you’ll be able to fill them with a click when you’re shopping online.
  • 1Password is for all the family. No-one is an island, and your family probably needs access to the Netflix password every once in a while. 1Password Families makes sure you can give your kids access to the passwords they need, and keeps those that they don’t, private.
  • For companies of all sizes. Business is all about access, but not everyone needs access to everything. 1Password Business has advanced controls and administrator tools that help businesses share selectively, controlling who has access to which passwords, and when.

Password management taken to the next level

We’re huge fans of what Apple has made available to every Mac, iPhone, and iPad user with iCloud Keychain and we applaud them for making it easier for people to practice great password habits.

But we also think that sometimes, a little extra flexibility is in order, and that’s exactly what 1Password offers. We want to help you keep not only your passwords safe, but your entire digital life, too.

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