How to keep your work and personal items separate in 1Password

How to keep your work and personal items separate in 1Password

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1Password doesn’t just keep your personal and work-related data safe. It also helps you keep them separate – and your company’s 1Password Business accounts include free 1Password Families memberships for all team members.

1Password Families is a personal account for you and up to 5 family members. It works in much the same way your business account does – but instead of being owned by the company, you own it. And instead of admins managing the account, family organizers manage it (that’s you, and anyone else you designate).

Because you own the account, if you and your employer ever part ways, you can keep using your Families account by simply updating your payment method. Access won’t be interrupted, and the personal data in your account will remain yours, completely unaffected by your departure from your company.

Employers never have visibility or access to anything stored in personal accounts. In fact, your company’s 1Password Business account and your 1Password Families account aren’t connected in any technical way. You simply have access to a free 1Password Families account by virtue of your employer’s 1Password Business account.

1Password Business1Password Families
Managed by your employerManaged by you and/or a family organizer
Paid for by your employerFree when linked to a Business account. Paid for by you if you leave the business account
The account can be deleted by your employer at any timeThe account can only be deleted by a family organizer in your family account

Why offer free Families memberships to 1Password Business team members? Because separating your business and personal information and logins helps foster the ideal security culture: work information in 1Password Business accounts; personal information in 1Password Families accounts.

Mixing personal information with work information is a risk for you and for the company – especially when either one contains vulnerabilities like weak or reused passwords.

More than that, though, we offer free Families accounts for the same reason we offer 1Password at all, to anyone, and for the same reason we built it back in 2006. It should be easy to navigate your digital life securely. Every protected login is a win.

How to redeem your free 1Password Families account

Redeeming your free 1Password Families account is easy. Follow these steps if you haven’t yet redeemed a Families membership:

  1. Sign in to your 1Password Business account on
  2. Click your name in the top right and select My Profile.
  3. In the “Claim your free family account” section, select Redeem Now.
  4. Select Sign up (and remember to use your personal email address, not your work email).

If you do already have a 1Password Families membership, you can use it for free by linking it to your 1Password Business account:

  1. Sign in to your 1Password Business account on
  2. Click your name in the top right and choose My Profile.
  3. In the “Claim your free family account” section, select Redeem Now.
  4. Select “Apply to existing account”.
  5. Sign in to your Families account, then select Apply.

How to move items from your 1Password Business account to your Families account

If your 1Password Business admin has enabled the policy to help separate work and personal information, 1Password Watchtower can let you know if any items may be in the wrong account. In addition to tiles for things like weak passwords or compromised websites in Watchtower, you’ll see a tile for items you may want to move. Select “Show all items” to see them all as a list.

An item in 1Password with a prompt that says 'this item may belong in another account.'

To clean up your work and personal accounts, and make sure each item is in the appropriate account, you can drag-and-drop items between vaults.

If you’re using 1Password for Mac, Windows, or Linux, make sure you’re signed in to both your Business and Families accounts, and click your account or collection at the top of the sidebar and choose All Accounts. Then, just drag existing items to a new vault to move them.

If you’re using 1Password on iOS or Android, select (or multi-select) the items you want to move. Next, tap the item menu and select “Move,” then choose the vault to move the item(s) to.

Visit 1Password Support for complete instructions for all platforms.

Get started with 1Password Families

1Password Families is the easiest way to protect and securely share passwords, financial accounts, credit cards, and other sensitive information with the whole family. Learn how to invite your family, create a recovery plan, and more by visiting 1Password Support.

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