1Password for iOS shines in the dark on iOS 13

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For those of us on the Apple team, it’s our favorite time of year: Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC for short, or Dub Dub if you want to go even shorter).

This year Apple announced a plethora of promising updates for all their platforms. There was multi-user support on tvOS and HomePod, game-changing security announcements like Sign In with Apple, iPad officially branching off from iPhone with iPadOS, Project Catalyst, and that oh-so-incredible Mac Pro. We also got something I’ve been anticipating for quite some time: Dark Mode for iOS.

Challenge accepted

Each year we watch the WWDC keynote with bated breath, waiting for the announcement that will dictate our workload for the next 3 months. We also take it as a personal challenge to see how quickly we can add Apple’s newest technologies to 1Password. This year is no different and I’m happy to report that our track record continues:

See you in the fall

As always, you can expect to see 1Password ready for Dark Mode when iOS 13 launches this fall.

VP of Engineering: Client Apps

Michael Fey - VP of Engineering: Client Apps Michael Fey - VP of Engineering: Client Apps

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