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Immutable Australian Future Wave

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In September, Matt and Michael Fey (Roo) launched Random but Memorable, a security advice podcast. If you haven’t been listening to the podcast, you don’t know what you’re missing! Find out more about previous episodes.

This week’s episode kicked off with a reminder to listeners that we recently launched 1Password for Democracy, which gives free 1Password memberships to people running for office, ensuring elections run fairly, or just protecting people’s rights.

Watchtower Weekly reminded me that not only does Google Plus still exist, but that it used to be called Google Wave. News broke last month that the social network is finally shutting down amidst security concerns. Security is hard to master, even for large companies with lots of resources. I was interested to hear Matt and Roo discuss the different ways that they maintain their security online, including only using trusted sources like PayPal or Apple Pay, rather than entering credit card numbers into random websites. It’s something I could be better at, and I appreciated the reminder.

My favorite part of each podcast is always hearing directly from our customers. I love to learn how different people are using 1Password and what areas they’ve love to see us improve, change, or grow. This week’s question was about archiving old information like expired login, passport, and credit card items. Like Roo, I tend to be a bit of a pack rat, but I don’t want old information cluttering up my main vault. The trick is to create a separate vault for all your archived items and remove it from All Vaults. I’ll be doing this myself when I get around to my annual fall cleaning.

The bulk of the episode featured a chat with our friend Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned who is always entertaining and informative. Troy talks about password security in a way that’s accessible to people at all levels. He’s passionate about what he does, and he wants to help people make the right choices to keep their data safe. And this week I also learned that password reuse was actually the catalyst for Troy starting Have I Been Pwned!

Their conversation focused on how the view towards passwords and authentication has changed over the years. Authentication isn’t always black and white. There are gradients, and you have to account for the human element. Troy offers some excellent insight into how this impacts password security and how things don’t always go as planned when there are real people involved.

To get your question on the show, send @1Password a tweet using the #ask1Password hashtag.

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