How 1Password makes security and compliance simple for smartpatient

How 1Password makes security and compliance simple for smartpatient

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The smartpatient team relies on 1Password to improve security and productivity. Their app MyTherapy (free for iOS and Android) helps hundreds of thousands of patients with chronic illness live better lives and receive better outcomes from their medications through reminders and health journaling.

Based in Munich, Germany, smartpatient must adhere to strict data-usage legislation and compliance rules.

We sat down with smartpatient COO Max Joas to learn how 1Password brings his team peace of mind by keeping their sensitive data secure.

“When new people join our team as well as interns joining us for only a limited period of time, having a way to easily and securely provide access to passwords is vital. With 1Password the on-boarding process is really simple. This helps us from an administration perspective, too.”

The smartpatient team spans 13 different countries, so 1Password’s capacity to instantly share passwords plays an important role in keeping their operations both efficient and safe.

“The ability to create multiple vaults for our passwords has been fantastic. It means we can easily give access to those that need it. 1Password keeps our financial and accounting data safe and secure.”

Prior to 1Password, the team stored their passwords locally on individual devices. While secure, this did not allow for any sharing between team members. If someone left the organization, there was no easy way to access the company account passwords on that person’s devices; and if one person updated a password, everybody else would lose access.

“1Password really revolutionized how we work together and has greatly increased the security of our private data.”

We asked Max if he would recommend 1Password to other companies considering a password management solution:

“If you have ever forgotten or lost a password, I recommend 1Password as a way to keep your passwords safe and make them easy to share. It’s fast, simple and fun to use and furthermore we trust the product.”

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