Big changes to 1Password in the browser: biometric unlock, dark mode, and a new save experience

Big changes to 1Password in the browser: biometric unlock, dark mode, and a new save experience

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The browser experience has been the core of 1Password since the very beginning. We’re constantly rolling out improvements, and today I’m happy to announce some huge updates that take things to the next level. 🎉

Touch ID, Windows Hello, and biometric unlock 👉💻

Our #1 requested feature has been Touch ID & Windows Hello support. Now, if 1Password is locked and you have the desktop app installed, you can use biometric authentication to unlock faster than ever!

Image showing 1Password in the browser unlocking with Touch ID on macOS

No matter your flavor—Touch ID, Windows Hello, or biometrics on Linux—you can now enjoy passwordless unlocking for 1Password in the browser. Yet another example of how apps help make the browser experience better.

Dark mode 🌒

If you stay up into the wee hours of the night like I do, you likely favor websites and apps that do dark mode well. This update brings full support for dark mode to 1Password in the browser—and it’s never looked better.

Image showing a Discord login item in dark mode

And the pop-up isn’t the only piece that looks great in shades; our on-page suggestions also look right at home on both light and dark websites.

Image showing on-page login suggestions in dark mode

A brand new save experience ✅

Since it’s critical to use a different password for each of your accounts, we’ve made it easier than ever to create, save, and update logins right in the browser.

When the save window appears, you can instantly see everything that will be added to the new item. You can even adjust the contents and add tags to help you stay organized. In addition, our recently updated password generator will suggest passwords that fit the requirements of the website you’re on so you don’t have to worry about the details if you don’t want to.

Image showing the new save experience in 1Password in the browser

This is even more awesome when updating an existing Login item. If you’re updating a login to use a strong, unique password, or changing your username (tip: create a secure one with our free username generator!), you can see exactly what will change in your login before saving.

Image showing the new update experience in 1Password in the browser

Get the latest and greatest 💜

If you’re already using 1Password in the browser (the extension formerly known as 1Password X), you’ll be automatically updated to version 2.0 when you next launch your browser. If you’re new to 1Password in the browser, I’d love to help you get started.

In addition to the highlights mentioned above, this release also contains 55 other fixes and improvements. For those who are curious, we have a brand new releases page that describes all the changes in this and previous updates. Altogether, this makes for the best browser password management experience ever made.

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Andrew Beyer - Browser Experience Lead Andrew Beyer - Browser Experience Lead

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