1Password SCIM bridge now available on the DigitalOcean Marketplace

1Password SCIM bridge now available on the DigitalOcean Marketplace

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I’m excited to announce that you can now install the 1Password SCIM bridge from the DigitalOcean Marketplace! The SCIM bridge makes it simple to automate many common administrative tasks in 1Password Business while keeping your account keys within your control.

This one-click install makes it easy to manage your team and control your 1Password account using the enterprise identity provider you’re already familiar with. Give your administrators a central place to:

  • Create users and groups, including automated account confirmation
  • Grant and revoke access to groups
  • Suspend deprovisioned users

Get started with just a click

We’re thrilled to partner with DigitalOcean. They make it easy to run and scale your applications, services, and environments in the cloud. Our one-click application allows you to quickly set up and deploy the SCIM bridge to a cluster in your environment. The SCIM bridge uses the same security as the rest of 1Password, so the encryption keys for your account are only available to you and no one else.

The 1Password SCIM bridge provides a SCIM 2.0-compatible web service that accepts OAuth bearer tokens for authentication, so you can use it with both Azure Active Directory and Okta.

“Having the SCIM bridge available as a one-click install from DigitalOcean opens up this feature to all businesses regardless of their internal IT setup. This means that more companies get to take advantage of the SCIM bridge’s incredible capabilities!”
– Connor Hicks

Get down to business

Your business already has access, password, and security policies in place, and rolling out 1Password with the SCIM bridge makes it easy to automate and enforce them. And now with 1Password Advanced Protection you can do even more!

1Password Advanced Protection gives you the ability to create Master Password requirements, set up required two-factor authentication, create firewall rules, require up-to-date apps, and even monitor sign-in attempts. The SCIM Bridge and 1Password Advanced Protection work together to make your account a breeze to administer.

If you’re a 1Password Business administrator, take advantage of the power that the SCIM bridge has to offer and install it from the DigitalOcean Marketplace today. For more information, contact the 1Password Business team or get started on your own.


Jeff Shiner - CEO Jeff Shiner - CEO

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