A journey into the new Mac App Store

A journey into the new Mac App Store

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macOS Mojave launched last week, and while Dark Mode was the feature I’d been most eager to test-drive, the redesigned Mac App Store quickly proved to be a dark horse itself. Here’s what I’ve been loving about the new Mac App Store, and what the 1Password team think you’ll love too. ❤️

The first voyage

The Mac App Store has never been somewhere I’ve gone to browse, exactly — I’d usually open it with the intent of downloading a specific app. I wasn’t really expecting this to change, and the first time I opened it after upgrading to Mojave I was too struck by how incredible it looked in Dark Mode to notice much else.

But after my initial “ooh, Dark Mode!” reaction subsided, I realized it wasn’t just the contrast between the dark backdrop and the rich illustrations that was impressive, but the design of the Mac App Store itself. For the first time ever, the App Store feels like one of the beautifully designed apps you’d go there to purchase — as well as a platform for discovering them.

Mac App Store main view

Discovering the new Mac App Store

Apple have recreated the Mac App Store from the ground up, and it’s a pleasure to use. There’s a joy in simply browsing: with the all-new Discover tab, Apple has introduced fascinating stories, in-depth interviews and weekly picks. These editorial features bring everything together, creating an ecosystem that celebrates the best of what app developers have to offer.

This new iteration builds on the Featured tab and Editors’ Choice picks, but the experience feels a lot more user-oriented, with apps clustered together around objectives you might have — like increasing your writing productivity or streamlining your workflow. The write-ups add a human touch, and it’s one we’ve never really had before.

Exploring the new Mac App Store feels like an adventure, and it inspires you to make the most of what your Mac is capable of doing.

Master the menu bar with 1Password

Your guide to the stars 🚀

I think this last week in Dark Mode has started to affect my brain, because I’m seeing everything as an interplanetary adventure — bright app icons scattered across the dark expanse of space.

The editorial features and tutorials are amazing at helping you find your way round, and it’s absolutely worth checking back regularly to see what new guides and collections have been added.

Unlock 1Password's hidden secrets

The Create, Work, Play and Develop tabs provide some great recommendations and showcase some of the best apps on offer. Of course, 1Password 7 for Mac is right at home in the new App Store and it’s looking pretty stunning in Dark Mode, even if we do say so ourselves.

And as a fully remote team, we’re grateful for how much Slack can simplify communication, but the notifications can get a bit out of hand — so the App Store’s new feature on keeping notifications in check is pretty interesting.

Tame your Slack notifications

I’m a newly converted Things 3 user — the keyboard shortcuts are life-changing, and it’s such a pleasure to use — so I really appreciate the pro tips here, too (and I have to mention that Things also looks incredible in Dark Mode).

3 things to love about Things 3

And this Firewatch story is even tempting me to break my self-imposed “no games on the MacBook because they’ll distract you” rule….

Venture into Firewatch's mystery

We’d love to hear your favorite features in the new App Store. Join the conversation on Twitter — and don’t forget to check out 1Password in Dark Mode. 😉

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