Congratulations to the 1Password Hackathon winners! 🏆

Congratulations to the 1Password Hackathon winners! 🏆

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I remember my first hackathon. I was a junior developer at a civil engineering firm in Portland. I built a learning platform for employees to learn internal policies and procedures. It was a project that moved fast because we had a deadline - and my partner and I had so much fun.

All of which is to say, this year’s 1Password Hackathon came with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Everyone obviously had a lot of fun – and I’m blown away by the ingenuity of the submissions.

Some of you submitted entries to secure daily workflows (in true 1Password fashion!). Some built fun games, including one to help us all strengthen our passwords. Others built integrations that extend passkeys to new integrations and frameworks.

In short, we saw a whirlwind of innovation, collaboration, and groundbreaking submissions.

The 1Password Hackathon prizes

A quick recap on the hackathon itself. Hackathon participants competed for $10,000 in prize money across five different categories, including:

  1. Innovation Award: Goes to the most surprising and imaginative entry.
  2. Most Inventive Use of the 1Password CLI: Build 1Password into your favorite integration or extend 1Password in a new way.
  3. Best Use of Passage: Extend passkey integration or Passage to a new framework.
  4. Most Shell Plugins Written: Write the most shell plugins to bring biometric authentication to your most-used CLIs.
  5. Developer Delight: Make developers' day-to-day lives easier.
  6. People’s Choice: Garner enough community votes and be rewarded!

Each entry was submitted via a blog post and demo video on Hashnode.

Announcing the winners of the 1Password Hackathon! 🎉

Without further ado, let’s go to our winners!

Innovation Award: Mike Almeloo

Partial diagram of Mike Almeloo's entry in the 2023 1Password Hackathon

The Innovation Award goes to Mike Almeloo for their enhancement of the 1Password SSH agent using the CLI. Mike’s solution creates a seamless way to manage multiple SSH keys with 1Password. Congratulations, Mike!

Most Inventive Use of the 1Password CLI: Zachary Cutlip

config-path = ./tests/config/mock-op
response-path = responses
response-dir-file = response-directory.json


item_identifier = Example Login 1
vault = Test Data

type = item-get
item_identifier = Invalid Item
expected-return = 1

Community member Zachary Cutlip and his mock-op project take home the award for Most Inventive Use of the 1Password CLI. Zachary’s contribution enables automated testing for developers building on the 1Password CLI by providing a stand-in for the op command line utility when testing isolation is needed.

Best Use of Passage: Shreyas Chaliha

Logged-in user view in Shreyas Chaliha's Post iT application

For Best usage of Passage, we are in awe of Post iT, written by Shreyas Chaliha. We commend Shreyas for the quality of their Passage implementation along with the descriptive blog post outlining their app development process. Providing easy sign-in using passkeys with Passage, Post iT enables developers to share milestones and achievements in their project workflows.

Most Shell Plugins Written: Maniraja Vela Manoharan

Code snippet from Maniraja Vela Manoharan in the 1Password Hackathon

The Most Shell Plugins Written award goes to the prolific Maniraja Vela Manoharan, who wrote a whopping six shell plugins for amazing CLIs such as Contentful, Kaggle, Todoist and more! Special thanks to all the shell plugin authors who contributed. Your PRs make developers' day-to-day easier and more secure. 🙏

Developer Delight: Younes Laaroussi

use Eludadev\Passage\Passage;
use Eludadev\Passage\Middleware\PassageAuthMiddleware;

// With Laravel
Route::get('authenticatedRoute', function (Request $request) {
    $passage = new Passage(env('APP_ID'), env('API_KEY'));
    $userID = $request->userID;

The entry that provided the most developer delight came from Younes Laaroussi and their amazing PHP SDK for Passage. With Younes’ project, PHP developers can secure secrets and make passkey implementation simple and easy. As PHP is one of the most used programming languages globally, this project is a significant contribution to the development community.

People’s Choice Award: Joysankar Majumdar

Authentication flow for FitGo, Joysankar Majumdar's entry in the 2023 1Password Hackathon

Now - for the final award - the People’s Choice winner! Based on community votes via Twitter and likes on Hashnode, we’re thrilled to announce that FitGo, written by Joysankar Majumdar, was the crowd favorite! Joysankar’s submission is an Android application that uses Passage for authentication and Firebase to store authentication data. FitGo impressed the 1Password team with its ease of use and everyday utility.

Thank you!

To all those who took part in the 1Password Hackathon, thank you! To see all of the entries, browse the #BuildWith1Password tag on Hashnode. We can’t wait to see what other projects you build as you develop with 1Password Developer Tools and Passage!

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