1Password’s 2021 year in review - everything you might have missed

1Password’s 2021 year in review - everything you might have missed

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If year-end reviews have taught us anything, it’s that people love recaps that cram 12 months of growth and change into a five minute digestible read. Last year we worked hard to bring easy but secure password management to everyone – businesses and individuals alike.

New apps, integrations, research, and partnerships – 2021 had it all. 1Password was even named one of G2’s Best Software Products of 2021. Here’s a quick overview of everything our teams got up to:

Product releases and updates

Last year was the starting point for the next generation of 1Password.

We launched our first Linux app, which doubled as a world debut for 1Password 8 – an all new design optimized for peak productivity and unrivaled security. We also released 1Password 8 for Windows – first in early access, then fully featured and ready for the world.

1Password 8 introduces a new design language, code-named Knox, and countless additions that make it faster and simpler to use, like Quick Access search.

Apple devices also got in on the fun as we made 1Password 8 for Mac available in early access, and we’re hard at work on a version that’s ready for all of our customers around the world. We’ve also improved 1Password on iOS and Android devices. For example, last year we brought the desktop browser experience to Safari with the release of iOS 15.

1Password in the browser got some love too, with improvements like biometric unlock, dark mode, and a new save experience, well, 1Password in the browser is better than ever.

New 1Password features

We didn’t just improve the core look and feel of 1Password, we also made it easier to protect and securely share your personal information. Whether visiting a restaurant, movie theater, or checking in at an airport, having health information on hand became a staple of everyday life, which is why we introduced a new item type: the Medical Record.

Another high priority was making it easier for you to share passwords securely – even with people not using 1Password. Our new Password secure sharing tool (PSST!) lets you share anything you keep in 1Password with anyone, anytime.

We also wanted to help people protect their online privacy, so we created Masked Email in partnership with Fastmail. Now, anyone with a Fastmail account can generate and save random email addresses right in 1Password, keeping their true email address hidden from the services they use.

New features for 1Password Business customers

With improved management and enhanced monitoring, our updates to Automated Provisioning make it easier than ever to secure employees at scale. And on that note – you can now integrate 1Password with JumpCloud, our newest identity provider partner (see our other partners).

We recognize that visibility is critical to security and IT teams, and so to support the growing shift to remote and hybrid work, we created the Events API. The Events API is a public REST API for 1Password Business customers that makes it easier to connect 1Password events with other data sources to gain a deeper understanding of how workers are using 1Password.

Back in April, we also partnered with Ramp, a corporate card and spend management platform to introduce the “Save in 1Password” button. It’s now easier than ever for Ramp customers to save payment cards and other details in 1Password.

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1Password Secrets Automation

We’ve been keeping all kinds of secrets safe since 2005, like passwords, addresses and credit cards. But secrets keep evolving. Machines now have their own secrets that need to be protected, like API tokens, application keys, and private certificates. That’s why we acquired SecretHub, a secrets management company, in April 2021, and had our first release of Secrets Automation.

Secrets Automation is a single source of truth to secure, manage, and orchestrate all of your business secrets. 1Password doesn’t just store these secrets – it can deliver them whenever and wherever they’re needed. Now 1Password protects all of your company’s secrets – human and machine – in one place.

1Password University

With so much going on in 2021, we knew we needed to find a way to help businesses master 1Password and online security. That’s why we launched 1Password University – a free online learning platform that helps people use 1Password and develop a deeper understanding of online security.

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What you watched, listened to, and read

Security is constantly evolving, and we want to help you make sense of it. We surveyed companies and produced research that looked at burnout, digital estate planning, and more. Below we’ve listed some of our most popular thoughts and ideas from the past year:

Check out our full catalog of webinars, resources, blogs, and podcasts to see what else you might have missed.

The 1Password team

This past year we worked hard to support our team so they can lead balanced and fulfilled lives – both at work and at home. A few things we did was create new, all-company wellness days (where we close our virtual doors around the globe) and gave every employee subscriptions to Headspace and You Need A Budget.

We also made a big investment in learning this year. Internally, we partnered with Hone to launch Management Unlocked, a program focused on manager training and skills development. We started diversity, equity, and inclusion sessions, which included a women in tech panel discussion and a webinar by OUTSaskatoon about terms and identity. Our leadership team also partnered with Ready Set to enhance their learning and focus. Along with monthly Learning Nooks – webinars focused on learning and discovery – our team learned a lot.

While we couldn’t take an in-person cruise for our annual AG Conference, we did have an exciting 3-day virtual cruise – complete with virtual excursions, famous guests, and a show-closing virtual talent show.

And 2021 was a big year for growth – we added almost 200 new folks, including three new members to our executive team: Akshay Bhargava (Chief Product Officer), Raj Sarkar (Chief Marketing Officer), and Pedro Canahuati (Chief Technology Officer).

1Password was named one of the top five large companies for remote workers by Quartz. It’s an honor to be recognized not just for the quality of our work but also for how we take care of our team.

And we’re still growing!

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Investing in our future

Finally, 2021 was the year we secured a second round of funding. Here at 1Password, we want to help secure as many people and businesses as we can. We saw this second round as a great opportunity to work with smart people invested in our future to help guide us as we continue to grow. Our new partners include top executives from Shopify, Slack, Squarespace, Eventbrite, MessageBird, Google, Atlassian, and Ashton Kutcher’s Sound Ventures. To learn more about this next step you can read our announcement. We’re so excited to keep pushing for better security for everyone.

There’s more to come

And that’s a wrap on 2021. It’s impossible to share just how much work went into this amazing year – from our dedicated teams working hard to improve 1Password, to you, our dedicated customers supporting us. There are no words to describe how it feels to have such amazing people believe in us. So all I’ll say is thank you. We’re excited about 2022 and will continue working hard to make sure your trust in us is well placed. Wishing you a healthy, happy, and secure 2022.

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