Deploy 1Password across Slack Enterprise Grid

Deploy 1Password across Slack Enterprise Grid

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We’re excited to announce that it’s now easier than ever for Slack Enterprise Grid admins to initiate an org-wide deployment of 1Password Slack app across all of their workspaces. You’ll be able to manage and monitor how your team uses 1Password, and a variety of other apps, in one place – saving you time and focus.

If your team is already using 1Password and Slack and you want to know how org-wide deployment of 1Password through Slack makes your work easier, check out the benefits of this top-down deployment approach below.

Secure employees at scale

The 1Password Slack app lets you monitor important actions your team takes in 1Password and is one of the simplest ways to roll out 1Password across your business. You can invite an entire workspace at once, invite team members in a specific channel or group, or send a direct message to anyone who hasn’t already joined your team. Using the 1Password Slack app, Admins can see who has been invited and their status.

As you know, employees are more likely to adopt company security policies if the process is easy and convenient. By deploying the 1Password Slack app, you’ll be able to help your team seamlessly adopt 1Password, helping them build good security habits from the outset and ultimately reducing your business risk.

Automate 1Password notifications in Slack

Once you’ve rolled out 1Password, you can get an overview of your team’s activity with configurable notifications and alerts that can be sent to any Slack channel. Alerts will let you know when you need to take action, like confirming new team members or approving pending account recoveries. Once an action is completed the alert message is automatically updated so everyone in the channel will know the alert has been resolved.

You can also set up the 1Password Slack app to automatically provide notifications to let you know when team members sign in, authorize a new device, or turn Travel Mode on and off.

Shine a light on shadow IT with 1Password

Being able to integrate the 1Password Slack app with org-wide rollouts means increased adoption by employees and teams, which means better security practices business wide. When employees open an account without your approval or knowledge they are engaging in shadow IT.

There’s a wide range of risks associated with shadow IT, including accidentally sharing private company information with external services, and getting locked out of accounts when employees leave the company. More importantly, if there is a breach, IT won’t know about the exposure.

Stopping employees from creating accounts outside of approved solutions can hinder productivity but, by encouraging your team to use 1Password when setting up accounts, you can make sure nothing flies under the radar. Should employees leave, that information stays with your business. And, with 1Password, employees can create strong, unique passwords and securely share them with their team.

The 1Password Slack app already allowed you to speed up deployment and monitor how your team is using 1Password. This new, top-down approach will align with all other Slack org-wide apps making it easier for you to manage all of your apps in one place. We see org-wide app deployment as a key way for you to rapidly secure your team and for 1Password to scale alongside your business – that’s worth getting excited about!

Ready to launch

Read our support article on setting up the 1Password Slack app to learn how you can get started. We’re excited for you to see how easy it is to deploy 1Password org-wide using the Slack Enterprise Grid.

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