Integrate 1Password with Obsidian Security for extra peace of mind

Integrate 1Password with Obsidian Security for extra peace of mind

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Businesses can now automate threat detection for 1Password and their broader work environment with Obsidian Security, a security platform for software as a service (SaaS) tools.

Keeping your organization secure online is a never-ending challenge, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of employees. People are great at many things but following ever-changing cybersecurity best practices often isn’t one of them. That’s why 1Password focuses on human-centric security and making sure you don’t have to choose between convenience and security.

Even so, people don’t always make the right choices, which is why we’re excited to introduce a new integration by Obsidian Security that can give you extra peace of mind. Obsidian Security provides automated threat detection capabilities for your entire SaaS environment, including 1Password, utilizing advanced machine learning to detect impossible travel, successful logins from unusual locations, spikes in failed login attempts, and more.

How does the 1Password and Obsidian Security integration work?

By tapping into the 1Password Events API, Obsidian can continuously aggregate and analyze activity data from your organization’s 1Password deployment, including sign-in attempts, item usage, and vault changes. This information is tied to specific users and automatically monitored for potential problems based on policies you set.

You can integrate Obsidian Security with many of the SaaS apps you use in addition to 1Password. That allows Obsidian Security to look at the bigger picture and detect what might seem like innocuous anomalies, enabling you to identify, investigate, and mitigate threats faster.

Obsidian Security’s platform adapts to your organization’s needs, too. You can use out of the box policies or build custom alerts as needed to fit your specific requirements.

What’s an example use case?

Let’s say an employee called Jim logs into your organization’s 1Password account at 9AM from Cupertino, California. There’s nothing unusual about that. Then, at 9:15AM, Jim accesses a different corporate app from Jakarta, Indonesia. Now we have a problem.

The two sign-ins are an example of “impossible travel” because it’s impossible for Jim to go from California to Jakarta in such a short timeframe. It’s therefore a good signal that something is wrong.

Thankfully, your organization is using Obsidian Security to monitor its SaaS environment. So your security team is instantly alerted to potential issues based on policies you set. You can quickly investigate the “impossible travel” sign-ins and filter all activity based on the IP addresses involved or other relevant data.

In situations like the one we just described, a quick response can make a huge difference.

1Password and Obsidian Security: Better together

1Password helps your workforce protect sensitive information by bringing security and convenience together. But with the Obsidian Security integration, you can get even more peace of mind that everything is safe and sound with round-the-clock monitoring.

The 1Password integration with Obsidian Security is available now to customers with a 1Password Business or 1Password Enterprise account.

Learn more about Obsidian Security by visiting the company’s website. Interested in becoming an integration partner with 1Password? Email to find out more.

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