Introducing 1Password 8 for Apple Watch

Introducing 1Password 8 for Apple Watch

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Your most precious data is now securely accessible from your most personal device. The all-new 1Password for Apple Watch offers customizable access to nearly anything in your 1Password account, with full support for complications and the same intuitive experience you know and love.

For many of us, Apple Watch is the most personal piece of technology we own. It accompanies us even in places our phones do not, offering glanceable access to the time and date, app notifications, the weather, even information about our health and wellbeing.

With the latest update to 1Password 8 for iOS, your Apple Watch can now serve as a secure window into your most important information as well – even when your phone isn’t on you, or you have no internet connection.

1Password for Apple Watch provides quick access to two-factor codes, Wi-Fi passwords, secure notes, or any other items you choose to bring with you.

Complications, Large Type, and more

We’ve rebuilt our Apple Watch app to take full advantage of watchOS’ evolving capabilities. One of the standout benefits of the modern Apple Watch experience is its ability to show tiny, helpful widgets – from any supported app – right on your watch face. In a nod to traditional watchmaking history, Apple calls these widgets “complications”.

1Password now offers complications you can configure for quick access to nearly any kind of information from your 1Password account. Need to keep your booking code handy while traveling? Add it as a complication to your current watch face so you can get to it in a single tap. Always logging into a particular account for work that needs a two-factor code? Pin it to your watch face for at-a-glance access.

And because iOS 16 allows you to set up a custom Focus for every context in your life – each with its own Apple Watch face – you can keep only the most relevant information visible.

Beyond complications, 1Password for Apple Watch provides full access to your choice of items. View all your custom fields (including multi-line notes) and custom item icons. We even support Markdown for notes. Designate individual items in your 1Password account using your iPhone to have them sync securely to your Watch. From there, you can view them even when you’re away from your phone and have no internet connection.

Though Apple Watch screens have been getting bigger and bigger, it’s still a compact device. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to view your passwords in Large Type, making them more comfortable to read on a smaller display.

Large Type works the same way you’re used to from 1Password on other devices, providing a bigger view with helpful character index so you don’t lose your place while reading long passwords.

Security on the go

1Password for Apple Watch brings the security and convenience of 1Password to your wrist. It’s an extension of our flagship iOS app, providing a familiar experience even when you’re away from your phone.

Take it for a spin today and let us know on Twitter how you’re using complications or Focus to stay secure and productive.

Download 1Password 8 for iOS to get started

1Password for Apple Watch is bundled with our iOS app. If you don’t have automatic app downloads enabled for your watch, simply install 1Password from the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
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